Picture2 Oruçgazi Secondary School is located in Fatih, İSTANBUL in the city center. Visited by 3 millions tourist every year, İstanbul has many historical places, natural beauties and tourist attractions. The school was built in 1953. The school’s name comes from ORUÇ GAZİ who was one of the bannerbearer of the Conqueror Mehmet .


      The school has about 1000 students whose ages are between 11 and 14. There are 26 classes, 74 teachers, 5 deputy principals and a principal. The building includes 25 classrooms, 3 counselling  rooms, a gymnasium and an infirmary.The teachers adopt learner-centred education and use different methods and techniques for effective learning.


     The school has  two  school counselors who listen students problems and help them in the areas of academic achievement  and personal/social development.  There is a gymnasium in our school. Students can do sports such as football, basketball, etc.