Agrupamento de Escolas n.º 1 de Odivelas, Escola Básica da Pontinha results from theaggregation of the previous Group of Parh County, a part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, with about 24023 inhabitants.This area is mainly a Lisbon suburb inhabited by employees and lower middle class, who work in Lisbon.


 The institution consistes of several partner institutions: a nursery school, seven Primary Schools, a Junior High School (Escola Bsica da Pontinha and a Secondary School (Escola Secundaria Braamcamp Freire). This school year, the school population adds up to about 2823 students. 645 of them attend Junior High School of Pontinha.


     All schools have a school library, a gymnasium, a canteen and an outdoor playground.&nbspAt Secondary School there are laboratories rooms, ICT rooms and Computer workshop, Exhibitions room / museum, workshop and Electrical laboratory rooms. At Junior High School it has a Play room, laboratory and ICT rooms.



Website - http://ae1odivelas.pt/